Anyone watch Letterkenny? Remember Graham's hockey grant? With the shit talkers getting suspended. I just imagine Grahams shit talking like Shoresy all the time. Lol Its on hulu if anyones into it.

I just listened to the latest show. Jeff form spores lab. It was interesting. I've never done shrooms but Im curious and want to try them. It sounded like that interview was before Christmas, Im curious as to how those mushrooms are coming along. @admin do you have pictures of the progress?

Went to a meet up today. First one for a new cell forming in the Knoxville area. It was a nice little gathering of about 20 people, all of us unmasked, like the good old days. These type of groups seem like a good idea. We even have a permaculture specialist in our group who's going to help get my farm up and going.

Oh, so the Outlawed show has a premium second hour... Fuckin guys going both ways now huh? Lol

Just got home from a No Agenda meet up. It was a blast. Highly recommend going if one pops up in your area.

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Super nerd status having two mastodons going at the same time.


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