Tim Pool also says Crossing the Rubicon... And he's not right, but a fence sitter...

Why are we trying to stop the Great Reset? If we do, aren't we already going towards a destruction with the massive debt we got? We're trying to stop one thing while still driving ourselves off a cliff.

Here I thought the Georgia Guidestones were something evil.

You always learn something new everyday and hopefully get corrected too!

Rain stick for Arizona?? Tucson been on a monsoon streak since June 5! July 5 and 6 were the first dry days!

The one who really needs the rain is Phoenix though lol

I hear thunder outside and rained last night too, we were forecasted rain til Friday 15th. It worked!

@koba_ape_leader hold on... CNN...
And another: just a couple of sentences?

Great soup for tragedy of misinterpreted information. Just saying, I rather have a 2 hour long talk of this than 2 sentences from CNN.

Rogan's recent guest Marc Andreessen #1840
Throws the idea of meetups to keep employee moral and activity up.

What exactly could the destruction of those Georgia slabs mean?

I hope to see 2 days worth of fireworks!
Bring it on!

Monsoon season in Arizona is what makes this state not as hot but a pleasant summer.

Every single freaking day is a wonderful rainy day♡

Good God, man, when was the last time I posted on this one?? 😂

Took a PCR test and asked to be notified the cycle count. Here's the answer :


Still came out negative.

Fucking Amazon

Specially the bottom. They will publicly place a sticker to those vaccinated, that means those without it are signaled.

Fucking assholes.

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