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Here comes a G1/Kp5 for March 6.

All normal at the upper atmosphere, but New Zealand and Greece are still settling with large movement.

After the Geomagnetic Storm calmed, large earthquake magnitudes popped up in Greece and New Zealand.

New Zealand got a 7.9 that magnitude is indeed way too large.

Down to Kp2, calm.
But there we go, confirmed that we will get more Geomagnetic Storms.

Pretty long exposure to G1/Kp5 today but I haven't noticed significant earthquake or volcanic activity.

In Mexico, and they got Piñatas of the virus 🤣
That's a good way to beat it!

Another one... Last 24hrs of action though have been brief.

We have another Coronal Hole facing earth, its Wind hitting 2-3days.

Gosh damn it... Going to Mexico. Was expecting San Luis, Sonora port of entry to be 24/7. Freaking closed.

Gotta drive to Calexico port of entry now... Ugh!

Well then! Even the Space Weather News wasn't expecting this!
Satellites may be affected. Aurora show under way! Canada: LOOK UP!

All good emp today through the 1st. That southern Coronal Hole, it IS expected to hit us to a minor G1/Kp4 by the end of the 1st. Be aware it is UTC time, a type of clock that is universal time.

After some Kp4/G1 all calm, no major activity noticed but then again I haven't listened to the latest with DUTCHSINCE yt ch. He just released a new update.

Coronal Hole facing us, magnetically connected a couple of hours ago. Solar Wind should just graze us.

Here comes the wind again, but I've only noticed Etna volcano still active since Greece got a hit (last week), and Iceland getting swarming.

I completely did not expect this, nor was it on the Forecast Report I posted earlier today. Geomagnetic Storm underway G4/Kp1.

Imagine if we could harness this for electricity!

All good today, we do have another watch. It is not from a Coronal Hole but a plasma filament which ruptured facing the Earth. The energized Solar Wind will arrive rapidly by the end of the 23rd (Universal Time Coordinated UTC).

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