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HELP, is this true?


Children, women menstruating, and pregnant who come close to vaccinated people, allegedly have nose bleeding, mouth bleeding, miscarriage, and menstrual difficulties.

Is this true or is this hype that only confuses people?

This was shared by a colleague on Instagram. Can anyone confirm or dispute this?

Here we go. Kp5/G1
Volcanoes and earthquake activity will get charged with these many days of energy

6.9 off the coast of Ecuador
6.9 yesterday off the coast of Kamchatsk, Russia
Earth's Magnetosphere levels have been normal for the last 2 days.

We have a large southern Coronal Hole facing Earth.

Last week we had several dozens 5.0+ earthquakes in New Zealand, Iceland (and still today too, thousands of minor hits), and Italy's Etna volcano on her 14th eruption yesterday.

Alert for Northern Lights to show in Canada, this Geomagnetic Storm intensifies to a Kp5/G1.

Satellites may be affected.

Working night shift makes it a bit difficult to post this lol but I still want to do it!

Last Geomagnetic Storm, right now, Kp4/G1. All good, no major activity earthquake-wise, though we're expecting the West Coast to show some life with a 5.0 magnitude in 4 days. That's the forecast from Dutchsince.

Snowed here in Tucson, AZ. How's your neck of the woods?

Been busy with the new Arizona life, here's todays Kp4/G1 activity, and the last 3 days or so of activity. All good, planet still shaking at New Zealand though.

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