Bonjour to all the Grimericans, from the mostly free state of Louisiana.

Biden WELCOME sign on railroad overpass on I-10 in Metairie New Orleans. He will be visiting New Orleans and Lake Charles today

Lauren Boebert circa 2014

Colorado Restaurant Staff Proudly Open-Carries Handguns

Would anyone here be so kind as to give me an invite to noagenda social. Wanna get in before the 10k cutoff.

Happy Mardi Gras! The population killed Mardi Gras this year in the name of “safety.” But its 20 degrees and there’s 6 inches of snow here so fuck it. Good thing they changed it from global warming to climate change.

Happy Friday! Been off Insta for a month, I’ve had more time/energy/interest for the real stuff. Never felt better. Got me a nice boar the other night. 200 lbs of wild meat. Y’all have a good weekend.

ITM from South Louisiana. Hog hunting this morning with coffee and CBD junts. Y’all have a gooder.

@Chrisanzu 6k dislikes and 1k like...those are some pretty telling numbers right there. I guess everyone on YouTube is just “brainwashed Trumpers.” 😉

Great to be here in the Grimerica Fediverse. Got off the gram and onto the Grimerica social.


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