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Yay MP3 from @GWFF received

After Spain match I’ll verify-listen….

Show 353 is a gem
The second half (@≈ 2:15 Adam brings to the floor the first time he noticed a school being locked down for a security threat, emphasis on the word "lockdown"

"Cell phone free show "

Your phone gets kicked in a bag that you then carry with you?

Rip NA on
Episode #353 - #1499
I used it once in vacation and it was great

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@CoffeeFingers @Fluffcomet

You guys are awesome! TYFYC

@fluff - I really dig the art. The goat shoulda won

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I love shit like this.

In the ENTIRE history of the world, no females EVER did something like this, or even thought of doing something like this.

Just about every guy I've ever known, has. (Myself included.)

Wish I had been with those vatos!

@BowsacNoodle no clue
I just thought it was cool. I think I found it in a Russian telegram channel

Thank you Sir, that is awesome!
I will learn to do this better.


donation segment show 339 @adam and @Johncdvorak pin the movie "CONTAGION" as a film more than 10 years ago


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Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!


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The progression of current things has been predictable for the past few years.

X isn't happening (X is a conspiracy theory)
X might be happening, unexpectedly
Here's why X is actually a good thing

I never imagined they would attempt to sell me on starvation though.
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