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fake or not I'm sending it in reply to my drunk friend when he sends Seahawks crap

A buddy of mine started a pest control business. He has also been huffing gas since HS.

I can finally recertify as a BAT in Washington State
Stupid mask policy.


Here is a water bear my girlfriend drew because I'm a wastewater guy

My girlfriend painted this for me..I'm a wastewater operator so it's funny.

@raintrees @ZeroPointParadigm

If you'd had travelled along eagle harbor dr. on Bainbridge Island, Wa @ 1970-2005, you may have seen a strangely modified mailbox which served as a beacon for my grandpa, (P-47 pilot and double amputee) and grandma to alert for mail delivery. He had it set to raise a red reflector high into the air whenever the door was opened.

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Interesting video about the weird, stringy clots they're pulling out of dead vaccinees.


Glad he's out and ok. No fun. I had my first good 'ol 'grand mal' when I was 16. It took a long time to get things figured out and I was definitely scared and frustrated.

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