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Going for a haircut without a mask. Wish me luck

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I always shift to being unwilling to use experimental drugs of any kind.

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Ah, things must be returning to normal. We’re going back to pushing the flu shot on people.

I’m sure there’s plenty of data on how the flu shot won’t interact negatively with the covid jab, riiiight? (Not that I can find, anyway)


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DR Andrew Wakefield - 1986 The Act - Grimerica Outlawed

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@admin picked it up as well, tell Graham he did a great job. I left a review.

Available as an audiobook for the first time ever. The Secret Doctrine Vol 1 Cosmogenesis, by HP Blavatsky

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Big government proponents have convincede everyone that "deregulation" is the source of all economic evils, as if evil can be solved by creating more government bureaucracy.

The root of the problem is corruption, and governments are just as capable of it as corporations, if not more so.

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They cancelled your feelings
They cancelled your thoughts
They cancelled the Dr. Seuss
Books that you bought

We'll cancel your culture
And history they said
They even cancelled
Poor Mr. Potato Head

They'll cancel your clothes
And the shoes that you wear
They'll cancel your opinions
And the style of your hair

You warriors of justice
I ask you to please
Stop trying to cancel
The air that I breathe

For I live in America
The Land of the Free
And one thing is certain
You won't cancel me!

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FRIVOLOUS FRIDAY QUIZ: Will you be watching the new KING KONG movie?🦖 🦍🌇👾🤖

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