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14.5 million satoshis of value flowed through Value 4 Value Streaming payments from Listeners to Podcasters and App Developers. Search for your podcast on and hit the lightning bolt to enable your podcast today! #podcasting2.0

Going for a haircut without a mask. Wish me luck

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I always shift to being unwilling to use experimental drugs of any kind.

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Ah, things must be returning to normal. We’re going back to pushing the flu shot on people.

I’m sure there’s plenty of data on how the flu shot won’t interact negatively with the covid jab, riiiight? (Not that I can find, anyway)


6PM Central

DR Andrew Wakefield - 1986 The Act - Grimerica Outlawed

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@admin picked it up as well, tell Graham he did a great job. I left a review.

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Available as an audiobook for the first time ever. The Secret Doctrine Vol 1 Cosmogenesis, by HP Blavatsky

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