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Big government proponents have convincede everyone that "deregulation" is the source of all economic evils, as if evil can be solved by creating more government bureaucracy.

The root of the problem is corruption, and governments are just as capable of it as corporations, if not more so.

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They cancelled your feelings
They cancelled your thoughts
They cancelled the Dr. Seuss
Books that you bought

We'll cancel your culture
And history they said
They even cancelled
Poor Mr. Potato Head

They'll cancel your clothes
And the shoes that you wear
They'll cancel your opinions
And the style of your hair

You warriors of justice
I ask you to please
Stop trying to cancel
The air that I breathe

For I live in America
The Land of the Free
And one thing is certain
You won't cancel me!

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FRIVOLOUS FRIDAY QUIZ: Will you be watching the new KING KONG movie?🦖 🦍🌇👾🤖

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Bacon wrapped Chicken breast with hollandaise sauce on top before serving.

Episode two of ancient mysteries and lost civilizations premiering tonight! Featuring Advanced Ancient Technology with Ben from @UnchartedX1
Only on

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JOKE OF THE DAY: Why is the Canadian Flag Made up of only red & White? They got to much blood on there Surrender Flag. ----HANDGUN BANS WILL KEEP CANADIANS SAFE🤣🤔🤬 - CBC

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Do YOU THINK Canadians Should Have FURTHER gun Rights & Self Defense Rights Like The U.S.? 🔫👨🏻‍🎤🤷🏻‍♂️(Still having some kind of Basic Requirements for Ownership like I.E. :shooting a minimum or No serious Recent assaults involving Weapons...ECT

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@TwittersDead @Grimericano the coolest thing about mastodon is that you're not married to an instance (server) if you just started out and are a fan of #grimerica you might want to create an account directly on their server this way your local timeline will include all the conversations going on there.

Mastodon online is a big instance and a bit general.

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WHATS UP MASTADONIANS!?!?!?!?! just added a bunch of you...hope your all from planet grimerica! HEY @admin this is great man turns out leaving censorship can be more comfortable then we think!

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Pumped to be here. Big props to the boys for getting this started. Still figuring it all out, but so far so good!

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