Just a little something i wiped up - yes its an actual quote, the joke is he said "people can take anything out of context , like if i were to say..." RIGHT BEFORE the statement on the MEME - anyway ive always thought this was an invitation to prank him- so HELP ME GET THIS OUT THERE! he will love it trust me, i couldn't stop laughing while i made it, .....ENJOY & THANKS FOR CHECKING MY STUFF OUT! remember to PEEP👀 my channel on youtube @100%CanadianMapleStir-Up!

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@admin 🤣🥰 THANKS MAN! i tried to post it with a "disposable account " as a prank, but it did not make todays SATERDAY cast...Im gunna finish up my spam to graham so we can talk soon like humans & not Robots ... but MASTADON kicks the shit out of discord...GLAD YOU PULLED THE CORD!

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