Back when music meant something- When was the last concept album you heard let alone a semi-Concept album? PINK FLOYDS Animals - The latest in my Exploration of the great CONCEPT ALBUMS of rock & beyond

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Loosely based on George Orwell's political fable Animal Farm, the album's lyrics describe various classes in society as different kinds of animals: the predatory dogs, the despotic ruthless pigs, and the "mindless and unquestioning herd" of sheep

A PONDERY BY AL WOOTTON- Shortened for Space confinement requirements set by Mastodon 🐘

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people do not like politics because its to divided or divide and conquer,in reality Ppl have been trained to self divide into left&right, or even subgroups of those groups, dividing all the way down 2the most sincere of political voices of people-they even take grate pride in there division & chosen sides-Having left little more to be discussed in politics then how 2divide the conquered-there pride &there Political label all they are left with, Taxed until penniless,powerless & Primed 4 Puppetry

@furgar i have said this for buses & public transport are NOT SAFE! we had 16 people or so die on a bus crash- 15 become paralyzed or lose a leg / arm in 2018 or something...this in Canadas capital on a double decker- politicians responded by A WEEK LONG RIDE ON THE BUSES TO SHOW THEY WERE SAFE ...not petiontioning for seat bealts...fucking traitors...FUCK JIM WATTSON

@furgar interesting, the same is true of cannabis oil ingested- my Unlce has an old borax box just like that on his dryer in the country town of Berwick Ontario

a post from 2011 -🤳🏼📲 I think i wrote this Joke🤔🤣▶▶🔽
-Kid: Mum, can i wear a mini-skirt today?
Mum: No
Kid: Can i wear lipstick?
Mum: No
Kid: Can i wear high heels?
Mum: No!
Kid: But Mum im 17 years old!
Mum: I know Justin, i know👦🏻👙

@DotardTed that new york times columnist can take a big hydraulic suck on my sweaty nuts suck- FAK COMMIES! better dead then red! - ALSO shouldn't he be focused on CAPO CUMMO ? didn't he rape someone BESIDES THE ENITIRE POP OF CITY OF NEW YORK? As Proud Italian-Canadian - Chris Cummo Is a Guido, Goombah, Grease-Ball Ginnie succhiacazzi, mangiatore di sperma codardo disgrace to Italians around the globe (Spits on the floor) you should copy the video title and put it as text beside your post- cuz i couldn't see what it was about EX-EP153: The World According to Ben Stein/Vaccine? Stimulus? Bankruptcy? Race? - Peace & Love - The Skeptical Canuck 🤔🚬

DAILY POLL👨🏻‍🦯 DAY #1(of 5)👨🏻‍🏫

@furgar i cant wait to Jog this summer though! winter for me is cave life, i have gone outside about...5-6 times this winter since November 😅🤣😈

@furgar i think its very helpful just inaccurate - and the creator should have squeezed in "Too Much" but Obviously MY LAZY ASS WAS TRIGGERED BY THAT! lmao enjoy your Sunday eve boys...Monday Mayhem on the way this week...

@Facile @furgar gotta say im not sure what kind of thinking work could be done in an uncomfortable scenario? or at least how well it can be done... Stress is never concussive to constructive thought - the world wants us uncomfortable- the key I believe is finding comfort among the chaos - also there is such a thing as TOO MUCH comfort- but comfort in general? is that not the reward Or at least What is deserved of hard work? this Meme is a Paradoxical One for sure...My rating? 👎🏻👎🏻+🦃 =🦈

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