Hey @admin listening to the tfh interview, if you're on a windows pc check out file factory. It has some video compression functions you mentioned. It's really time consuming but I've seen it pack a couple gigs into under 20mb. Give it a shot see if it's what you were looking for

Caught a bit of time to yell at my computer screen, surprisingly still on YT


Hey everyone I'm officially a badass or something. Got the Wojcicki Gang on my case, how about we make up our own minds on it.


@admin if self plugs are okay that is 🤙🏻

Hey @admin is red bubble the best spot to grab a shirt, with the most return back to you guys? Would rather see you benefit, over a third party.

Also thanks again for dropping in yesterday, will be sending a few stickers out to a good friend in Hawaii. Will definitely not be sticker bombing places I visit.


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