Anyone have favorite technology news sites not compromised by propaganda? For example. I find it hard to even read MIT articles because of the political influence. Or is this a lost cause desire.

Also. I wonder why the specific protein created by the messenger RNA in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine is not given to public. The messenger rna is listed as an ingredient. The specific instructions and protein (ingredient) it creates is not advised? Does this have anything to do with why the Australian vaccine was stopped due to HIV (protein p24) positives?

I hope we can start discussing soon one of the reasons for the push for vaccinations from gov and Pharma. Is the potential insurance recourse against each shot. Which is called out in the disclaimers the recipient has to sign. As if vaccines expire. Money is left on table. Just a thought.

On the latest it mentions some were disappointed for the paid premium. I get how people can feel like that. But...I’m happy to support. And thankful for the content especially in the BS age of big tech control.


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