I hope to see 2 days worth of fireworks!
Bring it on!

Monsoon season in Arizona is what makes this state not as hot but a pleasant summer.

Every single freaking day is a wonderful rainy day♡

Good God, man, when was the last time I posted on this one?? 😂

Took a PCR test and asked to be notified the cycle count. Here's the answer :


Still came out negative.

Fucking Amazon

Specially the bottom. They will publicly place a sticker to those vaccinated, that means those without it are signaled.

Fucking assholes.

For those in USA, have you noticed for how long flags have been placed at half mast? Been weeks!!!

HELP, is this true?


Children, women menstruating, and pregnant who come close to vaccinated people, allegedly have nose bleeding, mouth bleeding, miscarriage, and menstrual difficulties.

Is this true or is this hype that only confuses people?

This was shared by a colleague on Instagram. Can anyone confirm or dispute this?

Here we go. Kp5/G1
Volcanoes and earthquake activity will get charged with these many days of energy

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