Happy Friday! Been off Insta for a month, I’ve had more time/energy/interest for the real stuff. Never felt better. Got me a nice boar the other night. 200 lbs of wild meat. Y’all have a good weekend.

I was checking out the “Contact at The Canyon” website and was at first excited to see that it’s so close to me this year! But then very sad that it’s all sold out. 😔

Is there maybe a waitlist in case someone cancels? 🤞


Moe Factz 58 - "Prop Joe" -- Adam and Moe profile President Biden. He means what he says when he says it! l.curry.com/fnE

In the grocery store i saw one of my high school teachers shopping with no mask (rare here, i rock my This is Bullshit mask because i dont care to get into a fight with some min wage worker) we got talking and even hugged as we said goodbye. Death stares all around but it was one of the most human and genuine experiences I've had all year.
Hopeful for the future!

Too awkward for me first toot here? 🤣

Howdy, Grimerica outlaws! 👋🤠


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