Graham’s last full time day of work is today.

Support the cause.

It’s official! We’re going back to the scablands of Washington with Randall Carlson September 20-25 this year. Only 23 spots available. Get a deposit in today to hold your place, and check out our other upcoming events for 2022.

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I don't know about other states, but Kentucky's governor seems to be totally gaslighting the citizens! He's saying he won't lift restrictions (including allowing people the freedom to practice their religion) until 2.5 million Kentucky citizens have taken an experimental medication!

So now, it's like he's tricking the citizens into blaming their non-compliant neighbors for the lockdowns. Like saying, "I'm not allowed my freedoms because you won't take the vaccine!"

Disturbing abuse.


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Remember those videos coming out of China where people were dying in the street? I thought they were fake but now I'm wondering if they were testing the vaccine there and that's what we were seeing

Made it back to Canada without mandatory hotel or a quarantine requirements. 😎

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14.5 million satoshis of value flowed through Value 4 Value Streaming payments from Listeners to Podcasters and App Developers. Search for your podcast on and hit the lightning bolt to enable your podcast today! #podcasting2.0

Going for a haircut without a mask. Wish me luck

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