Good times, good folks, and good food at the NJ pig roast No Agenda Meetup.

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Kaidan will receive a grant for end-to-end encrypted audio and video calls:

@adam I have been deep on Baric, concerning furin cleavage insertion at s1/s2, battified mice GOF with novel CV, but this is the first time I have seen this tidbit about his extensive research into inducing myocarditis

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From Gumby4Christ on Twitter:

Ralph Baric's lab spent a considerable amount of time and money in the 80s/90s researching how to induce heart disease with coronaviruses.

Way more people pissed about partial student loan forgiveness for undergrads than the increased pentagon budget, the billions to weapons manufacturers masked as aid to Ukraine, the 70 billion in weapons left in Afghanistan, the billions to Pfizer and Moderna for the "vaccines." Do you get this pissed when people or businesses file for bankruptcy, because you can't declare bankruptcy for student loans?

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Great news everyone! The company that has been mapping the interior of everyone's homes has been acquired by Amazon. "This could lead to exciting new innovations in the years ahead"

I don't identify as specifically belonging to a political ideology, and I think they are pinned in time to the industrial revolution. But I think its useful to look at the history of Syndicalism, Fascism, Operation Gladio and maybe draw some parallels to the Canadian Truckers protest, the Dutch Farmers Protests, The Indian Farmers Protests, and even the Amazon Workers Unionization struggle.

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Grimerica Show Ep #559 - John Bush. I went to check out the Freedom Cell website, and got stopped by the Freedom Cell Survey. It felt like "Are you right wing enough to participate, and do you agree with me on these issues." IMO community organizing and creating parallel systems needs to welcome all disaffected citizens, and especially welcome those with useful skills. Anarchosyndicalists and Anarchocapitalists embrace Agorism. Most libertarians would be surprised at the ideological overlaps.

Oh, and I forgot to mention integration with RSS as well. Its a game changer to have your reading, odysee video subs, twitter subs, Fediverse subs, and potentially podcasts (if you wanted) all in your feed and sortable by groups. I am pretty sure I'll be completely migrating there or potentially Hubzilla if I can get a self-hosted instance sorted out on VPS or managed hosting. -FX

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Been testing Friendica platform on the Fediverse. I am really impressed so far, especially with the twitter feed integration and granular control of privacy, who sees what. I like the idea of having an elaborate home page and photo gallery unlike Mastodon and Pleroma. Anyone else using Friendica or Hubzilla and have an automated way of mirroring posts to Mastodon and Pleroma? Any recs on VPS providers for self-hosting Friendica? -FX

Any dudes named Ben out there can help a brother out with a VPS Caddy server reverse proxy resolved to Tailscale device on the same Tailnet but on a different local network? Anybody even know what I am talking about? I wouldn't have a couple of months ago.

If you're unfamiliar with SimpleLogin, heres the idea. Everytime some website asks for your email, you click the SimpleLogin extension, and it generates a new email alias. You click your Bitwarden extension and save your email and generate a passsword. You fill out the "create user" info by clicking ctrl-shift-L (autofill password for Bitwarden) and you're good! Emails sent to the alias go to your normal email inbox, but if you start getting spam to your alias, you can just kill that alias.

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I was unsure of how Protonmail's acquisition of SimpleLogin was going to work, but the details are clear now. If you have a paid protonmail account, you will get premium SimpleLogin for free, meaning unlimited email aliases. If you have a free protonmail account you can link a free SimpleLogin account and get 10 free email aliases. I was paying for both so now, I will only be paying for Protonmail. I highly recommend both services and spending a tiny bit to support privacy respecting projects.

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Hi, I was laid off today due to a company reorganization.

I'm a technical writer who loves programming as a hobby. I have experience in documenting a variety of domains from mechanical robot assembly and usage, graphical user interfaces, command line programs, and APIs.

I also have experience in writing technical tutorials, but I'm not limited to documentation related to computers.

You can find my portfolio and resume at

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First time listening to NA live on Podverse from F-droid. Not getting live notifications, but still pretty freaking cool.

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I started listening to No Agenda after Curry's appearance on Higherside Chats 1-22-21. I have since heard Adam and John bring up ranked choice voting twice and bemoaned it, without giving an explanation of what it is. To me, ranked choice voting solves the problem of being shamed into voting for the lesser of two evils, and would open the door for 3rd parties to actually win lots of elections. I don't understand why anyone other than the RNC or the DNC would not like ranked choice voting.

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