I started listening to No Agenda after Curry's appearance on Higherside Chats 1-22-21. I have since heard Adam and John bring up ranked choice voting twice and bemoaned it, without giving an explanation of what it is. To me, ranked choice voting solves the problem of being shamed into voting for the lesser of two evils, and would open the door for 3rd parties to actually win lots of elections. I don't understand why anyone other than the RNC or the DNC would not like ranked choice voting.

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@msdosfx That's my understanding too. I'm not sure they have looked into it. There is still the problem of third party ideas being fairly portrayed in the media.

@Cgbob You can't even say anything that would impede the missions of the CIA or the profits of Pfizer, Raytheon, or Goldman Sachs on the TV, much less start talking about self-sovereignty, syndicalism, or any of the ideas of third parties on any political spectrum. The idea that third parties spoil elections is one fallacy I hear often from media and real people, and ranked choice would fix that. Without major campaign finance reform also, I have given up hope in electoral politics.

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